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Easily find local, readily available talented students to get things done.
Hire teams of students that have worked together on previous projects.
Automate payment process and easily measure their progress. 

Talented students and recent grads

Think about that. 70% of our city’s future engineers, designers and skill practicioners won’t be graduates from Boston colleges and universities. We believe they’re plenty of talented students and recent grads here in Boston.

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Bringing startups together

Post Projects, Internships & Jobs

Uknack helps you post projects you need completed, or part-time/full-time additions to your team. Talented students will engage with your brand, and increase your brand’s awareness on campus.


Hire Talented

Uknack gives you pipeline access to verified local talent, which reduces your recruiting costs. Each project a student completes is reviewed by hiring teams, giving you quality data you can trust.

Browse Students

Grow Your Business Together

Engage with passionate and capable millennials and gain fresh ideas, insights and innovative project solutions. Each collaboration increases skill development in students and helps you grown your brand and your business.



What Students are saying

I have been trying to launch a startup since my freshman year, thanks to Uknack I was able to zero in on the perfect team!
Evelyn Maguire
I felt lost when looking for employment, Uknack connected me with a startup, I now work there full time!
Bruce Van-Buren
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